600 - 1450 // Mongol Invasions 

    The Mongol invasion was a big event the occurred during the history of time. The Mongols were the last nomadic people to make an impact on the world. They conquered Central Asia and brought many countries together. Without the Mongols invading, none of Asia would be how it is today. The most things that The Mongols could have one would have to be conquering Russia, China, and spreading it’s influence while adapting to other cultures. 

    The Mongols conquered Russia and took down Kiev, its formers capital city. The Mongols made Moscow the new capital city and the main place for the Mongols. Moscow became the center point for all The Mongols. It was amazing how they turned the great city of Kiev into a place of trash, while Moscow was nothing and turned it into one of the biggest Cities ever created. The Mongols changed this in Russia and it was good that they did.

    Conquering China they were able to gain control of trade and the silk road. The silk road was very important because they used trade to obtain any supplies they needed. Supplies such as food, animal, weapons, art, and such were things that were obtained through trade. Without trade none of Central Asia would have survived because that is how they got everything they needed. If they didn’t take over China and controlled the Silk Road the would have been different in that time. The Silk Road did not only spread goods, but also influence of cultures.

    Spreading their influence among each country was a big deal. The Mongols didn’t really care if the citizens of each country adapted to the way they were. Most citizens adapted to it’s ways anyway. Their political and social systems spread throughout Central Asia. Their culture and art also spread as well. Not only did the Mongols spread influence but they adapted to other countries as well. They took in China’s language and made it theirs. It was the main way to communicate with each other. Along with that they adapted to the art forms of the Chinese. Without them being able to adapt, the Mongols wouldn’t have lasted as long as they did.

    The Mongols ability to conquer and control changed the world. The influence they spread and took in affected everything that happened. If none of that had happened in the past, then the world would be a completely different place. None of the art or language would be the same and each country would be different completely. The Mongols connected Asia together and made them closer together. The Mongol Invasion was an important event that happened.