Foundations to 600 // The Silk Road

The silk road was used in the early civilizations as a way of trade. Different countries came together to trade goods with each other. Though China keeps to itself, during the Han time, China was encouraged to trade. The silk road provided china with trading abilities, improved roads, and the ability to spread cultural influence.

Under the Han, the Chinese were encouraged to trade with regions to the west of them. Trading allowed them to collect materials they needed. Food and supplies were important factors and art was also collected in early civilizations. Trade was also very lively near the Ocean and West India. Most trade was carried by Nomadic people, and until after the classical period, nobody traveled all the way from China to the Mediterranean or the other way around. They simply just stayed near their own country.

Improved roads were sort of a booster for China. The middle east was also affected by improved roads as well. Because the roads were better to travel on, it encouraged more people to travel on them, which encouraged more trade. Improved roads allowed people from many different places to travel on them because it was easier too. Traveling on the improved roads always had trade involved because that was one of the only reasons to travel far in the early time, to trade and collect different goods and supplies.

Like all countries, when trading, they always influence their cultural in some way. Either it’s by talking or teaching about their culture or through the goods that they are trading, influence always happens when trading. China had much influence to people when trading. Their art and goods where different than other countries at the time, so many people were influenced by it. China was very ethnocentric, and liked to keep people out at the time, so it was not common for their customs to be spreading.

The Silk Road was very important to China in the early periods, especially under Han control. They traded with countries primarily to the west of them and were strongly encouraged to trade, even though China likes to keep to itself. They needed to trade for goods and supplies, and because of trade they have gotten many different advantages. They had the ability to trade because of the Silk Road, they had improved roads to travel and trade on, and they were able to spread some of their culture around through trade.