Foundations to 600 //Hun Invasions

Early Chinese dynasties fell for many various reasons. Some declined due to poor economic values. Some declined because of certain beliefs or the society going against the government. But during the Han dynasty, a new group of people came to town to show what they were made of. The Huns. The Huns are a group of nomadic invaders that migrated from place to place to build up a bigger empire. The Huns migrated to many places in Western Asia as well as in Europe. It was very unlikely to see people invade China because they were a very ethnocentric society. To their surprise, the Huns were more powerful they thought. The Hun invasions had a great impact on China, from destruction of dynasties, to the building of ways to help benefit future societies.

The Huns have been trying to expand their boundaries for a long time. Being a nomadic group, this meant that they never had a set society that they planted their mark on. They had to move around to claim land that they need. While the Qin Dynasty was in power, Emperor Shi Huangdi commanded for the building of the Great Wall of China to oust the invasion of outsiders. At the time, China was a very ethnocentric country and did not allow any outside invasions to pierce their walls. They didn’t even favor free trade because they were xenophobic. The Huns mainly came from the north west area of Asia near Russia. This benefited them for the future because they are more prepared for future invasions by having the Great Wall built considering it was built to block the northern part of China.

The Hun invasions helped China to think of ways to stop them from invading again. The Chinese built the Great Wall of China to keep out the Huns and any other invaders. Since the Huns were the reason for the decline in the Han dynasty, this left the Sui dynasty to learn more about the invasions and keep them out more efficiently. After fixing their ways of democracy, the Chinese never had to reinvent their ways anymore. The building of the Great Wall did in fact isolate Northern China from the rest of the country. But the main purpose of the wall was to serve as a barricade to keep out all tribes that wanted to invade China, and it helped. It also served to separate the civilized acts of the farmers in China to the barbaric acts of the nomadic tribes. 
Till today, the Hun invasions are still remembered greatly. They were a big part of Chinese history because they were one of the reasons one of the existed dynasties fell and declined. They are known for the power they possess as a tribe and their styles of taking over a civilization. Chinese dynasties seem like the most powerful forms of government in the world, but knowing that even a nomadic tribe, such as the Huns, brought them down, it is hard to imagine how powerful they really are. Because of these certain invasions, and the building of the Great Wall, even until today does the Great Wall of China stand firm as a remembrance of what happened in the past.

The Hun invasions did many things that destroyed and helped out the Chinese dynasties. From declines, to the invasion of civilized communities within Chinese boundaries. It is no doubt how powerful of a nomadic tribe the Huns really were. Sure it’s possible for a society to crash because of personal economical problems, or revolting of citizens, but the Huns just had to come in the picture and ruin it for everybody. They will be forever an important part of Chinese history.