1450 - 1750 // The Tokugawa Era
 During the Tokugawa era, societies had attempted to over power the Shogunate in order to concur more land. After numerous attempts, Japan began to isolate themselves from the fear of getting their country to be overthrown. They were not able to think of any other logical option to keep themselves safe for about two hundred- fifty years. The actions from the government of Tokugawa lead to Japan's demise. Western civilization's influences towards the Japan Tokugawa Shogunate had greatly damaged their structures of social, economical, and political ideas. 

The social effect that the Western civilizations influenced on Japan was that the Tokugawa Shogunate put the Japanese islands in isolation because they feared that the West was a possible threat to them. Believing this they began to isolate themselves , giving them very few selective trading. Isolation was not only because of the West, it was also because the leaders (Nobunaga, Hideyoshi, and Ieyasu) at the time wanted to continue ruling and feared that Christian missionaries would influence a majority of the country. As time later passed, they opened up more towards the world and began to calm down from such a scarce belief. 

Trade was a big downfall to their economy during their isolation of the islands. The leaders knew the consequences that would happen after isolation, but were too afraid to come in contact with anyone, and began to become paranoid. Life during the time periods became harder for citizens knowing that their would be a big decrease in material goods now that they had specific areas they were to trade with. Japan's economy had the worst effect because it was the main reason why Japan had communicated with other countries. 

Political views of Japan were absolute dictators, controlling every aspect of their country with no question from other authority. They were a central-government and were only family ruling. Whatever the Leaders decided on, had been passed because the citizens were afraid of what their power truely was. Citizens believed that they could destroy Japan. The Shoguns were tough and strict, their main goal was to have control over the Japanese islands and nothing else, so rules and laws did not apply to them. But as time continued, people were able to create peace within themselves, having been isolated for so long. 

The isolation within Japan had both a positive and negative effect to the country. After such a long time period of being isolated it gave them a chance to create peace within themselves and help them obtain a better understanding of their country and culture. Negative effects it had was to its economy because trading decreased once isolation begun, but after, their economy slowly increased as they began to join the world and catch up to the time period. This occurance gave ideas to other countries/societies of the world of what leaders would do to control their people.