Foundations to 600 CE // Great Wall of China

In every civilization there is atleast one event in it's history that would effect it's future in a dramatic way. In the civilization of classical China the construction of theGreat Wall is a key factor in the formation of the Chinese empire. The Great Wall was built by Emperor Qin, who had spent 10 years to build it with 1/5th of the people working on it. Once built it had run 4000 miles through the mountains. The reason for it's creation was for southern China to defend themselves from the Huns up north.The Great Wall of China had created an epidemic not only for art but through ideas of war and had many strengths and weaknesses once made.

The Great Wall had effected the world by giving off ideas to other countries of how to protect themselves and ways to prevent war. Not only that it had given people different ideas through art forms and invented a creative way of thinking. It introduced new ideas like ethnocentrism which kept people isolated and only believe in themselves and that their ideas were best.

Destruction and progress were both caused in the creation of the Great Wall. It had created destruction by decreasing trading routes and ethnocentrism due to the isolation of each part of the country. It made it harder to trade with countries up north for the southern China and hard for northern China to trade with southern countries such as India. As well as enabling them to create alliances with other countries. Progress was created with the Great Wall by keeping them protected and being over run by other countries and enemy's. 

Great Wall of China affected in history by creating a boundary between southern and northern China. And influenced many countries of the world by witnessing the things that occured with the Great Wall being created. The Great Wall attracted people which helped think of new ideas or plans of ways to succeed in war as well as techniques. Having to see this and the advantages and disadvantages of the Great Wall offered people a variety of opportunities to help them now and in the future.

As China's epidemic of the Great Wall had it's strengths it had greatly affected it's weakness, which shows how something done can be both positive and negative. Seeing how the Great Wall influenced so many people in so many ways shows how important this artifact and event truly is.