Foundations to 600 CE // Emperor Gaozu

Emperor Gaozu of Han did many things during his time period. The impact that he put on China was great. There was a substantial amount of events that the emperor addressed. Emperor Gaozu was a very important figure in Chinese history because of his place in the Han Dynasty, his rebellion against the Qin Dynasty, and how the Han Dynasty prospered. 

Emperor Gaozu of Han lived from 256 B.C. to 195 B.C.. He was a legend in Chinese history because Emperor Gaozu, also known as Liu Bang, was the first emperor of the Han Dynasty. He was ruling over China from 202 B.C. to 195 B.C.. Liu Bang, in Chinese History, was one of the few dynasty founders who originated from the peasant class. His hometown was Pei County, and in the advancement of his importance, the emperor was addressed as “Duke of Pei.” 

Liu Bang rebelled against the Qin Dynasty in 206 B.C.. Him and Xiang Yu, led the army against the Qin, and attacked the capital, Xianyang. Once the Qin Dynasty was overthrown by them, Emperor Gaozu’s first step was to eradicate the punitive law of the Qin and create a new one supported by the people. Emperor Gaozu was also bestowed the title “King of Han.” He was given this name by Xiang Yu, when they split the former Qin empire into eighteen kingdoms.

The establishment of the Han Dynasty with Chang’an, as the capital, was in 202 B.C.. This dynasty was also called the Western Han Dynasty. Emperor Gaozu always thought of things that were good for his people. He always tried to do what he thought was best for them. One of the things he did was ordering the reduction of field taxes summoned on the peasants and letting the armies go back to farming. The emperor had strong leadership and effective results. The economy recovered and got better quickly. It also gained its stability back into the society. Emperor Gaozu was known as the emperor who devoted an astounding amount to the abundance of the Han Dynasty. 

Emperor Gaozu fulfilled many duties in his time of rule, in China. He affected China’s history greatly with his dedicated leadership that also came with efficient conclusions. Being the first emperor of the Han Dynasty, made Emperor Gaozu a legend in ancient China.