Change Analysis by Joy R.

Society: Empires throughout Asia

Time period: 1450-1750 C.E

Significant events: creation of new advances, expansion due to trading, world empires and trading routes

Political: N/A

Social: everyone became social to the world to obtain new goods from different places. Things their country could benefit from as well as could be charged more to make money.

Economic: Europeans used silver to pay for Chinese goods, thus resulting the government in taxing for goods for new ways to obtain money. Later putting people into poverty. The international trading increased throughout the world.

Artistic: N/A

Religion: The spread of the worlds religions spread throughout the world from trading, with Islam reaching southeast Asia and parts of southeastern Europe. It was not the main focus at the time, money was paid more attention to and what everyone was determined to obtain.

Technological: Naval and military technologies advanced; such as trading ships

Military: more creations of war material developed; gun powder advanced to improve simple weapons

Geography: world became smaller because of trading and the discover of new places, people were able to see the entire world in a new way.

Women's status: women were needed more in homes and in medical due to the transferring of diseases throughout the world from trading. Numerous diseases traveled from place to place.