People Analysis by Ira C.
    In 600CE-1450CE, the people in Japan were from the Imperial Age. The characteristics of the people were similar to its neighboring countries, Korea and China. Japan’s people had strengths and weaknesses during the period of 600CE-1450CE, from influences and the struggles, Japan’s people impacted different places in a majority of ways.
    The people from Japan were mostly influenced by Chinese culture and customs, at this time. The handwriting and language was somewhat the same. In different time periods like Taika (645-710), Nara (710-784), and Heian (794-857), Japan borrowed different Chinese customs and it touched most of the aspects of the Japanese life. In 1160-1185, the Taira clan also was dominant in Japan and there was a rise of Provincial warrior elites.
    There were also weaknesses for the Japanese people. The Japanese court scholars had a hard time mastering the thousands of Chinese characters which had little relation to the language they spoke. SO they had a hard time perfecting it. And trying to master the Confusian ways was also hard for the Japanese aristocracy. They encountered many difficulties. The ways of Confusianism was worshiping in Chinese-style temples and showed an interest in Buddhist Art. SInce they are still another country, they had to learn a lot of different things. Another weakness was the decline of imperial power.
    The Japanese also had an impact on their neighbor, which were China and Korea. The Chinese culture spread rapidly through Japan, and having that happen, made the cultures and customs spread within the people. That is why they have similarities with their culture, such as writing and language. The religions like Buddhism is also a part of Japan. And Korea was just like a bridge for China and Japan.
    The Japanese people still have similar cultures that are still taking place. The people in this time period had strengths and weaknesses along the way. They also put an impact on different countries, especially their neighboring countries