Leader Analysis: Empress Wu by Sheena F.

Name of Leader: Empress Wu Zetian
Lifespan: 618 CE-907 CE
Title: Empress of Tang Dynasty
Country/Region: China, Tang dynasty
Years in Power: 690 CE to 705 CE

Political, social and economic conditions prior to leader gaining power:
-Emperor Taizong -conquered Mongolian Plateau under Turkic group
politics: got wise & competent ministers without looking at family info
system of prime minister, system of three cabinets and six departments
economy: equally diving field system, taxation system of payment
society: steady "Prosperity of Zhenguan"
was under Emperor Gaozong too.

Ideology, Motivations, goals:
-participate in state affairs with Emperor Gaozong
-wanted all power, decides to kill senor minister because she found out she was planned to get withdrawed
-killed daughter, blame Empress Wang to get throne
-killed sons/depose them & Empess Wang

Significant Actions:
-initiated Silk Road
-established Zhou Dynasty
-agricultural productions
-demoted and dismissed officials who had high taxes
-initiated systems of final imperial exams and military exams

Short term effects:

Long term effects:
-women's abilities to reach imperial power
-establishing the Zhou