Document Analysis by Zaric V.

Source: This is a document about the Ties That Bind: Paths to Power.

Author: The author of this document is a man from the Tang era named Niu Su.

Time Period: The general period that this was written in was sometime during the Tang Era.

Society: The society is the Empire of China during the Tang Dynasty.

Political, Social, Economical Characteristics at the time written: He was living in the time of the Tang, and was trying to be a bureaucracy leader. He had known many people that could help him do this such as a Prime Minister and a General of the local army. He devoted his life to studying and learned some Confucian things along the way but made sure they hadn’t interfered with anything.

Purpose: The purpose of the document is to see what the letter can tell us about the Chinese bureaucracy in the Tang and Song Eras.

Audience: The audience is for anybody that intended on reading it for any information.

Point of View: The point of view was written in the eyes of Niu Su.

Important Content: Important content in the document could be the whole thing. He is explaining how things are living in the time of the Tang.

Evidence of Bias: The whole thing is Biased because it was based on his onions and thoughts of the time.

Assessment of Validity: We don’t know if any of this had happened, but if we look back on history and the way each dynasty was, we could compare it to the way he states it is.