Change Anaylsis by Joy R.

Society: Asia, Ming dynasty, Tokugawa

Time period: 600-1450 C.E

Significant events: 1231-1368; Mongol rule (both China and Korea) 1600; founding of Tokugawa Shogunate

Characteristics at the Beginning: Tang dynasty in rule, Empress Wu (women in much higher positions)

Characteristics at the end: Spread of Black Plague in Eurasia- mid 14th century, life of Timur

Political: Confucian Bureaucracy

Social: isolated; only came in contact with specific countries around them

Economic: Were the central civilization for countries; such as Japan, Korea, and Vietnam

Artistic: N/A

Religion: Confucianism, greatest Buddhist influence

Technological: Advanced in technology and science, since try had money and people of the time to learn more on those technology.

Military: Very strong armies, conquests on countries surrounding.

Geography: Between numerous countries, that had been influenced by China at the time.

Demographic: Was a very populated area due to it's production of material goods it offered other countries. Numerous leaders that conquered many countries.

Women's status: Women were able to reach higher positions

Causes and impacts of changes: Over time Asia (mainly China) advanced over time quickly from the fails of previous leaders that had failed, as well as previous technologies they were able to make improvements.