People Analysis: by Joy R.

Name: Chinese Civilization (rise of Sui, Qin, Tang, Han, Zhou dynasties and rise of Hasha's empire)

Time period: 600 CE

Location: China

- India,Mongolia,and Russia were the main countries bordering China.
- As well as the main countries that had affected China during the time period. 

- Strengths that China had were the Great Wall of China, a strong centralized bureaucratic government that can control a large mass of land, as well as material goods; iron tools, paper, etc

- Their weaknesses were due to some of their strengths, such as the Great Wall of China brought weaknesses by decreasing trades between other countries.
- Ethnocentrism was also another weakness because they believed their ideas were best and did not need to adapt to any other countries culture.

Impact on neighbors:
- They had given ideas of ethnocentric to countries by them.
- The social division between land owning gentry and peasants caused disputes.
- As well as showed that people who they accepted must adapt to their culture, not they adapt to the people. 


- Confucianism which had many people of China adapt to the concept, the Great Wall China which had made a big impact on their arts in China, how they used their own ideas and not take ideas from other countries for culture, social, government, etc., and had many rising dynasties over time.