Conflict Analysis: by Mark U.

Name of Conflict: Hun Invasion

Time Period: (156 C.E. - 220 C.E.)

Type of Conflict: Invasion

Underlying Causes:
- Huns want more land to control
- Huns are nomadic; normal for them to invade other sosieties to expand their own

Immediate Causes: 
- More widely spread trading networks
- Free pass for Huns to invade

Turning points/important events:
- First invasion at around 158 C.E.
- Block of invasion due to the Great Wall of China

Ending events:
- Han dynasty overthrown

End result:
- The huns are the main cause of the decline of the Han empire in 220 C.E.
- Soon led to China in chaos

Short-term effects:
- The decline of the Han dynasty
- Sui dynasty soon take over the Han

Long-term effects:
- Dissolved Han dynasty
- China very ethnocentric
- More soldiers next time they plan an invasion